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200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Anusara Yoga is a style of yoga that is fun to practice and teach, that will take our asana practice to an inspiring new level, and can potentially transform our lives, because Anusara yoga:

1. Follows the highest, most refined path in the ancient yoga tradition, the Shaiva Tantra philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. This philosophy says “yes to life”. It holds the vision that says life is a good thing, that we can experience that goodness at our core, our innermost being, and also in all the areas of our lives.

2. Anusara yoga also created the Universal Principles of Alignment, which are based on the biomechanics of the body and are applied to all poses. Many other yoga schools use these alignment principles, but why not learn this powerful way of going deeper and further in your asana practice from the source – Anusara yoga?

3. And Anusara teachers are able to integrate the most important skills for teaching asana into one coherent, cohesive class that is inspiring and safe at the same time.

If you want to learn this philosophy and method of doing asana, take the 100-hour Immersion in Anusara yoga.  If you want to learn how to teach it, after completing the Immersion, take the 100-hour Teacher Training.  The two together are a 200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training.

200-Hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training

Bindi Yoga Studio, Amersfoort begins February 3-4 2018

We'll begin a 200-Hour Teacher Training early next year at Bindi Yoga Studio in Amersfoort. Our schedule includes more days over a longer period of time than most trainings have in order to give students the opportunity to practice and assimilate what they learn. The result is that when you finish this training, you will already be a highly skilled yoga teacher, ready to teach an inspiring and safe class for your students.

100-Hour Teacher Training begins October 7-8 2017

Having completed a 100-Hour Immersion in June, we will begin the Level 1 Teacher Training at Bindi Yoga Studio in Amersfoort this October.

If you would like to receive more information about any of these programs or receive an application, please contact me at jay@jayendrahanley.com or see www.bindi.nu

300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Amersfoort, the Netherlands from April 2016 - June 2018

Starting in the year 2014, I have served as the co-coordinator (with my now good friend and esteemed colleague Karen Sprute-Francovich) of the Anusara Yoga Curriculum Team. Our first big project was to lead a group of dedicated teachers in creating the curriculum for Anusara's new 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training (ATT). I began offering my own ATT in April 2016.

I am amazed at how much the students/teachers in the ATT have received after only one year of the training. This is apparent in three areas:

  1. Their confidence in their teaching has increased a great deal. For example, many are applying for the Inspired and Certified Anusara licenses.
  2. After studying a topic like “Teaching with a Theme” or “Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment”, everyone teaches a 20-minute session to the others and receives feedback. Over and over, we’ve been happy with our increased teaching skills.
  3. And like with all of our Anusara events, we’re having the experience of being a part of something bigger, in this case, a community of good-hearted people with a common intention to enhance our experience of life!

Upcoming ATT events:

Sept 28-29: Teaching Meditation

Sept 30 – Oct 1: Yoga for Seniors

November 4-5: Observation and Adjustments (first weekend)

December 2-3: Sequencing (second weekend)

Feb 17-18, 2018: Observation and Adjustments (second weekend)

April 12-15: Therapeutic Applications (elective): 4 day retreat with Ellen Saltonstall

June 9-10: Anusara Methodology and Co-Mentoring

I will be adding other ATT events to my schedule for the fall of 2018.

For more information, please contact me at jay@jayendrahanley.com.