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Connections to Anusara Yoga and other Anusara websites based in Europe: 
The new Anusara School of Hatha Yoga 
The studio where I teach in my hometown of Amersfoort the Netherlands 
Bridget Woods-Kramer is a certified Anusara teacher living in Cornwall, England, who often teaches in London.
Susana Garcia-Blanco is our certified Anusara teacher in Barcelona.
Alessandra Diprampero is an Anusara-inspired teacher in Milan Italy. Her new studio is called Sattva Studio.
Simon Pyrke is an Anusara-Inspired teacher living in Paris.
Barbra Noh is an Anusara-Inspired teacher living in Munich.
Julie Aigroz is the owner of Studio 88 Yoga in Montreux Switzerland. She's studying Anusara yoga and is my very gracious host when I teach there.
The center of Anusara yoga near Brussels, "The Tree" is in nearby Tervuren Belgium where Anusara Inspired teachers Courtenay, Isabelle, and Silke have classes.

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