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October 14-15, "Neelakantha Meditation Initiation Weekend"

Neelakantha Meditation is an effortless, easy to learn practice, in which we cultivate a direct experience of the Absolute Source that exists in the Heart. This practice is easy to learn, effortless, and supports the expansion of our experience and enjoyment of all of life. On Saturday, we’ll meet from 1 – 6 PM for individual instruction, and on Sunday from 9 AM to 1 PM for a full explanation of the practice. Students also receive at least 18 months of on-line and personal support as you develop your twice-daily practice. See for more information about Neelakantha Meditation. At Bindi Yoga Studio in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Mail to: Jayendra for more information and an application:

October 21, Saturday, "Ganesha: Root into Earth, Rise to the Sky"

Ganesha is the playful son of Shakti and Shiva, who is pictured with a big belly and elephant head. He’s the lord of obstacles, who removes them and also puts them in front of us! He represents the earth element, the rootedness and grounding of the first chakra, and he loves to dance! This Saturday from 1 - 4 PM, we’ll explore both flow and alignment through a long asana practice, focusing on standing poses and inversions, followed by mantra, pranayama and meditation.


December 9, Saturday, "Saraswati: the Essence and the Flow"

Saraswati is essence and flow, a mystical source of all yoga and the deity representing the arts and wisdom. She is the water element of the second chakra, and she’s in the breath that connects mind and body. Our long asana practice will focus on backbends, followed by mantra, pranayama, and meditation.


March 17-18 2018 "Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment" with Gisela Vazquez in Madrid

“Teaching with the Universal Principles of Alignment” is a required module in the new Anusara 300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training. Open to teachers who have completed the 200 hours of Immersion and Teacher Training. 

Contact: Gisela Vazquez at

May 26-27 2018: Asana Workshop at Studio 88, Montreux Switzerland

Contact: Julie Aigroz at